Using Raw Dog Food is so Simple

If you are on the cusp of changing your dog’s diet to raw food or you are inquisitive as to whether it’s time to embrace the
idea – then we have a reassuring message for you. The switchover to raw nutrition is really very straightforward.

Whatever the age of your dog – whether it’s a bouncy pup or a dignified senior citizen – raw dog food is designed for all our four legged friends.

Let’s always remember that dogs have evolved as carnivores. They were designed to eat meat. Exclusively veggie diets were never meant to be the answer
to canine cuisine. What’s more, raw dog food isn’t some new invention. It pre-dates all that tinned stuff by generations.

And whilst it can’t be denied that the kibble route to feeding has widespread support (misguided as we believe this to be), in our view, there really is
no substitute for putting raw dog food on the plate.

OK, so where do you start?

Well, if you’ve found this site and are currently reading these words, then it’s an indication that you’ve already made your mind up to start introducing
raw dog food into your pet’s diet or, at the very least, that the concept of doing so is now up for serious discussion.

There is already plenty of information on our site about the benefits of raw dog food but, as a snapshot, the products we sell are designed for every breed
and age of dog. There is no discrimination. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone years avoiding raw dog food. The sooner you come round to the idea, the
quicker your dog(s) will thank you for it.

The high quality Benyfit Natural range of raw dog food we sell is tried, tested and clearly very tasty (judging
by consumer reaction!).

In addition to our website info, we are also firm believers in talking directly to our customers. In fact, we think it’s pretty important to chat as this
can quickly dispel any fears, myths or misconceptions that you may have about raw feeding.

This is why we offer a free, no obligation consultation. You can call us to talk about your dog’s specific needs and we’ll offer you all the help and advice
you need to get off on the right foot. Even if you never become a customer, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about
feeding your dog raw food.

We’ll cover any issues which are of special importance to you, such as how quickly can raw dog food be introduced into a dog’s diet, recommended portion
sizes, combining raw feed with other supplements or any special dietary requirements/fads your dog may currently have (yes, it’s true that, just like
humans, some dogs are more fussy with their food than others!)

At Dogs About Town, raw dog food is our primary focus – it’s our passion and we believe it should be made available to every dog in the land. To that end,
we are happy to report that we have satisfied customers from right across the UK who order from us on a regular basis, taking advantage of our nationwide
delivery. These are owners of all breeds of dog. Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs and young dogs – from Leonburgers to Chihuahuas and everything in between.

So, if you’re looking to put paid to processed and are ready to rely on raw from now on – at Dogs About Town we can help you start anew, simply and effectively.

Call us any time between 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 644 4662 and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have. In the evenings and at
weekends, we divert the phone to our mobiles, so if we’re out and about and miss your call, please leave us a message or email and we’ll be sure to get back to you.