Welcome to the Dogs About Town FAQs page! We understand that choosing the right raw dog food, supplements, and treats for your furry friend can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We have put together these FAQs to help you make informed decisions about your dog’s diet and nutrition. Whether you’re a new dog owner or an experienced one, our FAQs cover a wide range of topics related to raw dog food, supplements, natural dog treats, and more.

Raw Feeding
Aren't bones dangerous for dogs?

Cooked bones are, yes. They can split into sharp pieces and harm your dog but raw bones are safe for them. You must always supervise your dog when they are eating a raw bone and make sure you choose a bone of appropriate size for your dog.

Can any dog be fed a raw food diet?
Yes it can. Irrespective of breed, shape, age and size – genetically speaking the canine digestive system is the same in all dogs. So no-one needs to miss out. Waggy tails, all round!
Can I make raw dog food myself?
In theory, yes. But here’s why we don’t and why we chose an expert partner like Benyfit Natural. To really do it properly you need a lot of time and expertise. You’d need to handle the raw ingredients very carefully to stay safe for the humans in your house and for the food to complete, that is to contain the right balance of nutrients, you’d need a nutritionist on hand to help you (unless of course, you are one ūüź∂). We chose to work with Benyfit Natural because they have done all this for us. So we can be sure that we are recommending the best food for your dog and saving you the time and effort of producing it yourself. We also love that when we have a question we don’t know the answer to, we can call their nutrition team to get the right answer, first time.
Can I Still Give My Dog Treats?
Yes, absolutely. Treats are a super important part of your dog’s life and great for training, rewarding good behaviour, recall, games and generally making life fun for you and your dog. Just make sure you are giving them the right ones. Preferably with high quality, all natural ingredients and no added nasties.
Do Dogs really eat vegetable and plants in the wild?
There is debate over the use of vegetables in dog food. But the good people at Benyfit Natural include them because they, like us, believe that dogs naturally graze. Broccoli is high in anti-oxidants, whislt acrrot is good for healthy eyesight and root vegetables like swede are rich in minerals. Dogs would also naturally consume vegetables and plants when they eat wild prey as they would eat the stomach contents of their prey.
How good is muscle meat for dogs?
Its excellent for them. It provides high-quality protein and is a great source of energy. It also helps dogs maintain muscle mass without putting on weight, contains essential amino acids and is a great source of potassium, iron and zinc.
How much should I feed my dog?
It depends on your do’s weight and energy levels. Check out our Portions Calculator and it will do the maths for you. Normally, you would feed your dog 2% of its equivalent body weight. So for a 25kg dog like Dexter, you would feed 500gr per day. Very active dogs might need a little bit more. Puppies need a little more – about 6%-8% of their bodyweight per day during their growth spurts, though this will tail off as they near 9 months of age. Again, our portions calculator will tell you how much to serve. It’s important to remember that no-one knows your dog as well as you do, so we always recommend that you use a visual test to keep their portions in line and adjust accordingly
How soon can I expect to see a difference?
The first difference you’ll notice is how much your dog enjoys their new food. Soon after that you’ll begin to notice smaller, firmer bowel movements (they’ll be less stinky too). Then you’ll see that your dog appears healthier overall, they’ll have more energy, a shiner coat, better smelling breath and more
Is Offal good for my dog?
Yes, in the correct amounts. Your dog’s food shouldn’t contain more than 10% offal. Benyfit Natural include liver which is nutrient-rich, neutralises toxins, aids digestion and supports nerve health. It is also essential for healthy brain and muscles. Heart is a great protein source which maintains muscle stamina and is collagen-rich for healthy joints
I've got another question. Who can I ask?
Contact Jo or Kate if you’ve got any other questions about feeding your dog raw dog food. you can call them, free on 0800 644 4662, or email woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk and they’ll get straight back to you.
My Vet says raw food is bad for dogs. Why?
Most vets are not animal nutritionists and are subject to the same blanket advertising and sales incentives from processed food manufacturers that we all see. Some vets also sell mass produced products too. However, we were actually advised to try raw for the first time by our vet (& we are so grateful) and more and more Vets are now seeing the benefits of raw feeding for dogs. You can see what some raw feeding vets have to say here
There's no-one in during the day. What about my delivery?
No problem. When you order, just add a note telling us where to let the courier know to leave the container. The food will be edlivered in packages designed to keep it frozen for the maximum time so it will be fine for several hours after delivery – just pop it straight in the freezer when you get home.
What Ingredients are in the recipes?
Fit-for-humans muscle meat, plus bone, offal vegetables and other ingredients such as whole raw egg, herbs and flax seed oil. These, combined in the right quantities provide a complete, balanced diet for your dog.
Why is my dog drinking less water?
Water should always be available but you’ll notice that your dog may be drinking less of it. This is because of the high moisture content of the raw food which hydrates them.
Why is tinned food & Kibble So Popular if Raw is better?
Raw used to be the most popular way to feed your dog but tinned food and kibble were introduced about 60 years for people’s convenience (and because it was a big business opportunity). Now pet food is a massive commercial market place and it can be hard to get the message our about raw food – especially when competing with a multi-million pound global industry. But a transformation back to raw dog food is underway and you can help by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and telling your doggy friends about raw. We see how much our dogs love their raw food everyday and we can’t wait for you to see it in your dog too!
Are raw eggs safe to include?
Yes. They are a fantastic source of a wide variety of nutrients. the chances of salmonella bacteria being inside an intact egg is about 0.005%, so it is very low risk. Raw eggs are packed full of amino acids, the building blocks for all cells and they are an excellent source of protein
Can I feed raw to my puppy?
Yes. It’s great to start your puppy off on raw straight away. The puppy range is minced into smaller bits for smaller mouths and it includes Verm-X, which provides a natural and effective control of intestinal hygiene.
Can I mix raw food and kibble or other processed food?
No. We don’t recommend it at all. Processed food moves through your dog’s digestive system more slowly than raw food. A raw fed dog’s stomach acidity is much higher than a dog fed on processed food and this allows for the efficient digestion of the meant and bones in raw food. But, if you mix kibble or other processed food in to their diet, it will lower their stomach acidity and slow down digestion. This allows for the possibility of bacteria being able to flourish. Purely raw fed dogs are not prone to any higher risk of bacteria since their stomachs are more acidic making bacteria less likely.
Can raw food really be healthy when it's frozen?
Yes. Benyfit Natural make the food with high quality ingredients right here in Britain and the goodness is captured by the freezing process. Once your dog’s food is thawed it will be full of colour and bursting with flavour – just take a look at your dog’s face if you don’t believe us.
Does your raw food contain any additives?
Benyfit Natural choose high quality, ethically sourced, natural ingredients. There are no artificial additives, colouring, preservatives or unneccessary bulking agents. they simply ass herbs to enahce the food naturally
How long will a pack last in the fridge?
Once thawed, it will keep in the fridge for up to 4 days.
How much space will the food take up in my freezer?
6kgs will take up about 1 basket full in a fridge-freezer give or take. We usually transfer 1 or 2 packs at a time to the fridge and allow them to defrost. Each pack takes about 12 hours to defrost, or less if you defrost it at room temperature and then pop it back in the fridge.
Is it OK to include bone?
Raw bones, yes. They are a fantastic source of protein, calcium, phosphorous and good fats. They also provide naturally chondroitin for joint health and are rich in omega 3, selenium and vitamin B3. Add to this, they play an important role in helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean and in maintaining good gut health.
Is Raw Feeding Expensive?
Like most things, there can be a wide range of costs but we think Benyfit Natural food offers great value for money and for many dogs, a Benyfit Natural diet can cost ¬£1-¬£2 per day. The price of the range reflects the high quality, ethically sourced, British products they use. You could also save money by switching to a raw food diet for your dog as they may need fewer visits to the vet (especially if you’ve got an allergic dog like Dexter).
My dog has a sensitive stomach, can they still eat raw food?
Yes. Benyfit Natural have special recipes for dogs with sensitive tummies (containing less offal). And they also have recipes for dogs who can’t eat vegetables (like Dexter), senior dogs and puppies.
Raw feeding seems complicated compared to processed food, is it?
Raw feeding is actually quite simple and the lovely people at Benyfit Natural have spent time developing specific recipes that cater for all our dogs’ needs. Plus it comes in a handy resealable plastic tub. Simply thaw, serve and watch your dog enjoy dinner time like never before.
What are the benefits of feeding raw?

Feeding your dog a complete raw food diet can have many benefits including;

  • Cleaner teeth & healthier gums
  • Better smelling breath
  • Smaller stools
  • Healthier skin & shinier coat
  • Better digestive health
  • Fewer allergic symptoms & less scratching
  • Easier weight management
Why do you believe raw dog food is natural for dogs?
We believe that raw dog food aims to replicate what they would eat in the wild – what nature intended. Dogs are naturally omnivores, meaning they should eat both plants and animal meats. Plus they can derive up to one third of their nutritional needs from raw bones (never feed your dog cooked bones). This will include calcium, complex fats, magnesium and vitamins. Bones also help to keep a dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy, which has been shown to lead to a longer life. If they were left to their own devices, dogs would rabbits, birds and other animals and they would consume the whole animal including muscle, organ meat, bone and intestines. They would also raid nests & eat eggs, including the shells and, as they are natural grazers, they would feed on grass, greens, fallen apples, root vegetables and more.
Why isn't tinned food and kibble as healthy?
The cooking process breaks down may of the amino acids found in raw meat destroying up to 70% of the goodness. Plus, many commercial pet foods contain a large proportion of grains, cereals and soya which are used as fillers. We believe dogs are simply not designed to eat like this.
Why should I choose your raw food?
We’ve chosen to work with Benyfit Natural because they share our values. They use the highest quality ingredients, which they source from Britain. Plus their manufacturing process creates a chinkier mince which your dog will have to chew and which will help clean their teeth due to the bone content (their puppy range uses finer blades for a smoother mince for small mouths). On top of all of that, when you buy your dog’s raw food from us, you’ll know that our dogs (who we love enormously) have tested each recipe and that we know the team who actually make the food (which is made in relatively small batches, which we love). And, you can call us free anytime with questions about feeding your dog raw food. 0800 644 4662 or email woof@dogsabouttown.co.uk