How Much Does Raw Dog Food Cost?

A great question! Which we’ll start off by answering really vaguely – how long’s a piece of string?!”

If that sounds decidedly unhelpful – don’t worry – we can offer a far more accurate assessment. It’s just that the difficulty with being more specific
is because every dog is different. Weight, breed, lifestyle, medical conditions all play their part in how much food will be required to feed a hungry

However, it is possible to offer a more constructive insight. And from this, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what budget to set aside for
your own dog’s raw food regime.

Here’s a real life example which should give you some useful pointers. One of our pack is Dexter. He’s an eight year old, neutered, male
boxer, weighing 25kg. Dexter is an avowed raw dog food fan with a yeast allergy. He is fed 500 grams of raw dog food daily, which is based on the recommended
range of 2%-3% of body weight per day.

The approximate, average cost per kilo of our Benyfit Natural range is £4.20, so at just
half of this for Dexter’s requirements, the daily outlay is around about £2.10. This doesn’t include any additions, such as the odd treat here and
there! To feed Dexter, we generally buy in 28 days’ worth of food at a time, which equates to roughly £58.80 every four weeks.

This is a rough approximation, as most of our recipes are around £4.00 each but some, for example Beef and Premium, are slightly higher, at £4.40 and £5.15
per kilo. Puppy and Senior mixes are also a little more expensive, while Tasty Turkey is less at £3.65/kg.

To help you further, we have a Portion Calculator on our website, which will show you how much you should feed your dogs.

We don’t need to buy things to clean teeth, since the bones in the food help with this. And because there is limited sugar, this means there
is less tooth decay. We do give our dogs a raw bone from the butcher once a week, however.

So there you have it. We would never claim that feeding raw dog food is the cheapest option – but at the same time it needn’t cost a fortune. And just
think of all the goodness that your dogs will derive from it.

For further advice, we are always happy to chat. Call us any time between 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday on 01494 706600 and we’ll be delighted to answer any
questions you may have on what you should be spending on feeding your dog raw food. In the evenings and at weekends, we divert the phone to our mobiles,
so if we’re out and about and miss your call, please leave us a message or email and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

We first published this post way back in December 2017, so we’ve updated it to stay relevant. 

Happy raw food feeding!