🐶🍦 Treat Your Furry Friend to a Billy & Margot Ice Treat! 🍦🐾

With the scorching summer heat, we all seek refreshing ways to beat the rising temperatures. But let’s not forget our beloved furry companions who are also looking for ways to cool down and enjoy the summer to the fullest. That’s where Billy & Margot dog ice treats come to the rescue! These frozen delights are not only a great way to keep your pup cool but also provide them with a tasty and enjoyable treat. So, let’s dive into the wonderful world of dog ice treats!

Strawberry & Bannan


Coconut Cream


Carrot, Apple & Banana


Mix and match flavours as you please!


Delivery only. Not available for us to post to people


When giving your pup ice treats, always supervise them to ensure they are safely enjoying their frozen delights.

So, this summer, while you enjoy your ice cream or popsicles, make sure to treat your four-legged friend to their very own Billy & Margot Ice Treat. Dog ice treats are a paw-some way to beat the heat and share some special moments with your furry companion. Stay cool and have a fantastic summer with your loyal, tail-wagging friend! 🌞🐾❄️

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